Messen, Meetings und Kofferenzen

Conference and Events

Set up your space with PlayWood modular furniture.

ALOS - Theke
ALOS - Counter
ALOS - Breite Theke
ALOS - Wide counter
ALOS - Rezeption
ALOS - Registration desk
ALOS - Redepult
ALOS - Speaker column
KIOS - Baukastenwürfel

Free Design

KIOS - Cube modular plinths
EXPO - Ausstellsockel

Free Design

EXPO - Display plinths
EOLIE - Aufenthaltsbereich

Free Design

EOLIE - Lounge area
ECHO - Raumteiler

Free Design

ECHO - Divider


Designed to be customized

All the projects in this section can be customized on the basis of your needs: you can add manufacturings, finishings, colors and logos to answer your brands needs.


You can create our designs with different materials. Use birchwood, MDF, OSB to get a different result in terms of aesthetics and cost.