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Set up your space with PlayWood modular furniture.

Sockel 50x50x50
Plinth 50x50x50
Sockel 50x100x50
Plinth 50x100x50
Sockel 100x100x50
Plinth 100x100x50
Sockel 50x50x100
Plinth 50x50x100
Sockel 50x100x100
Plinth 50x100x100
Sockel 100x100x100
Plinth 100x100x100
Stufensockel 100x100x100
Plinth step 100x100x100
KARYA - Tisch 120

Free Design

KARYA - Desk 120


Designed to be customized

All the projects in this section can be customized on the basis of your needs: you can add manufacturings, finishings, colors and logos to answer your brands needs.


You can create our designs with different materials. Use birchwood, MDF, OSB to get a different result in terms of aesthetics and cost.