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Office and Coworking

Set up your space with PlayWood modular furniture.

KARYA - Tisch 120

Free Design

KARYA - Desk 120
KARYA - Tisch 140

Free Design

KARYA - Desk 140
KARYA - Tisch 150

Free Design

KARYA - Desk 150
UP+ - Laptop Ständer

Free Design

UP+ - Laptop riser
CORAL - Regal

Free Design

CORAL - Shelf
ECHO - Raumteiler

Free Design

ECHO - Space divider
DAK - Sofa

Free Design

DAK - Sofa
FLORA - Pflanzenkübel

Free Design

FLORA - Planter


Designed to be customized

All the projects in this section can be customized on the basis of your needs: you can add manufacturings, finishings, colors and logos to answer your brands needs.


Designed for CNC cut

Some of these designs must be done with a CNC machine: if you are not an expert, go to a FABLAB or a professionist to have the correct technical support.



You can create our designs with different materials. Use birchwood, MDF, OSB to get a different result in terms of aesthetics and cost.

Files package

For each furniture you can download a folder containing CAD cut files, assembly instructions in .PDF and a 3D file in .OBJ to let you insert it in a three-dimensional environment.