Make the strangest shapes

90° / 105° / 150°
Machen Sie die seltsamsten Formen


It surely happened to you to visit an exhibit or exposition and appreciate its set-up.

This project, developed with PlayWood connectors, has the goal to create a connection between the visitor and the exhibit content. Highly innovative structures, suitable for monitors and other tech devices: a perfect example of how creativity has no limits thanks to our assembly system.

Colors, materials and shapes are a direct expression of the taste and needs of the creator. A unique way to transmit a message coherent in aesthetics and content.

Browse our gallery and discover how to develop a customized set-up!

Schaffen Sie Verbindungen zwischen Besuchern und Ausstellungsinhalte
PlayWood Konnektoren verbinden Display-Wände
PlayWood - Display-Werbung
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