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Events, workshops, seminars and much more..different situations where we need a professional tool for our business. That's why we have thought about it, realizing a Kanban Board customizable, fast to assemble and light: to take your business to the next level you need to be prepared and able to satisfy our clients or public needs. A wooden base solid and practical, supports panels which can be personalized. Furthermore, you can even link together more boards to obtain a functional divider, which allows more people to work simultaneously. Discover how to do it, download the project and choose the connectors' color you prefer!

Built a boards support

Aufbauanleitung - Kanbantafel


Konfiguration - Kanban

Kamban panels Template

Template - Kanban
Schnell einsatzbereit - Kanban
Tafel und Raumteiler in einem - Kanban

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